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The Stad Ship Tunnel project

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The Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for the project that explores the potential of building the world’s first full scale ship tunnel.

The project is in a planning phase, now undergoing an external quality assurance, phase 2. When this process is completed, the project is presented to the Parliament, who then decides on whether the project should be funded. If the Parliament approves the project, construction could start in 2019.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has prepared a concept selection report (KVU 2010) which discusses the alternatives "Zero alternative" (with no new measures), "Small tunnel" and Large tunnel" (Hurtigruten).

Quality assurance has also been carried out (KS1 report) which was commissioned by the Ministry of Fisheries and the Ministry of Finance for KPU 2010.

In NTP 2014-2023, the government has stated that they wish to proceed with a pilot project for KS2, working on the basis of the "large" tunnel alternative. This is considered to have greater potential utility value.

Socioeconomic analyses indicate that the net benefit will be minus NOK 910 million, while the total project costs will amount to approximately NOK 2 billion.

No pricing has been defined for positive effects such as the value of moving traffic from the roads to sea, safety, an increase in foreign tourism, and positive effects for the fishing industry and other industries.

Stad Ship Tunnel will be the world's first full-scale ship tunnel of this size.

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