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How to get a PEC

In order to obtain a PEC you need to create an application in SafeSeaNet Norway and conduct a PEC-exam.

Apply for a PEC in SafeSeaNet Norway
You need to be logged into SafeSeaNet Norway to apply for and view your PEC.

You can apply for the following:

  • A PEC (*)
  • A Cadet PEC (if you never had one before)
  • Add vessels
  • Add fairways
  • Renewal your PEC

 *= Class 3 PECs don’t need an application, a PEC-assessor takes care of the needed forms and reports. When you have acquired a Class 3 PEC, you must create applications to renew it and add vessels.


Watch Videoguide: Create an application in SSN N

Your application will be handled by the NCA, if your application includes new fairways for a Class 1 or 2 PEC, there is normally a demand that you conduct a PEC-exam. You cannot conduct this exam before your application has been handled.


PEC for Svalbard 

If you are applying for a PEC for Svalbard please attach a completed version of  "experience log Svalbard" (Excell)

Reporting for ships

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