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Access to AIS data

The Norwegian Coastal Administration provides AIS data in real time, either as raw data or online traffic information displayed in charts. The Norwegian AIS network has an open and a closed component. Data is accessed in both cases via a standard internet connection.

Access to open AIS data

Everyone can access AIS data from vessels within the Norwegian economic zone and the protection zones off Svalbard and Jan Mayen. However, this access does not include data on fishing vessels under 15 metres and recreational craft under 45 metres.

The data are free and universally accessible, and are regulated under the Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD). Access does not require user registration.

A range of services provided by BarentsWatch show vessels on charts. This information comes from the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s AIS network along the coast, and the positions are updated automatically. BarentsWatch also offers AIS API endpoints for developers. Technical information can be found here and general information here: Open data via BarentsWatch

See also Kystinfo for open AIS data shown on maps. Click on ‘Layer Manager’ in the menu to the right, then ‘Marine traffic and AIS’. AIS data are also available at the following IP address: port 5631, or directly via this link.

Access to all AIS data

To access all AIS data, the user must complete a registration form specifying, among other things, the reason for access. These data are mainly shared with public authorities and ports, but others can also apply for access. The reason for accessing the data will determine whether access is granted.

There will be restrictions related to the use of data from fishing vessels under 15 metres and recreational crafts under 45 metres, including the proviso that they must not be used for anything other than the stated purpose and will not be distributed to third parties. You can apply for access to the closed component by contacting . Once you have registered, you will receive an email, which you must use to confirm your email address. You will then be able to log in and apply for extended access or to configure your existing access.

Use of the data will normally link up to a TCPIP socket connected to one of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s AIS servers. The AIS data stream is in standard IEC format IEC 62320-1.


The Norwegian Coastal Administration can adjust the individual user access to real-time/historical AIS data by setting different filters. A filter can restrict access to geographic areas, selected vessels, update rate, etc.

User support

Please contact us if you have problems during registration or other technical issues:


Tel: (+47) 95 05 60 52

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