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Lofoten: Closes the fairway through Molldøra

Due to construction work to improve the fairway through Molldøra in Nordland, the fairway will be closed from 1 October at 10am to mid January.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) are improving the fairway through Molldøra and past Småskallan.

– In order to avoid accidents and dangerous situations for the seagoing traffic while dredging is in progress, it is important that all seafarers follows the changes in the sailing patterns. A detour via Skrovasveet is recommended, emphasizes project manager Magnus Rørvik in the NCA.

Molldøra and Småskallan are both located in Vågan municipality, where Molldøra is the strait between Lillemolla and Storemolla while Småskallan are underwater reefs located outside Kabelvåg.

– The project involves dredging the fairway through Molldøra and across Småskallan to increase the maritime safety, explains Rørvik.

The contractor for the project is Wasa Dredging Oy Ltd.

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