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Pilotage and PEC

The pilotage service and the Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC) service ensure that vessels have sufficient competence on board to navigate safely. The pilotage requirement can be met by using the pilotage service or by obtaining a PEC.

  • Pilot service

    The Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for the state pilot service. The service safeguards traffic at sea and protects the environment by ensuring that vessels operating in Norwegian waters have navigators with adequate qualifications on board.
  • Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC)

    A Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC) qualifies a navigator to sail in specific waters without using the pilotage service. PECs are issued by the NCA based on Norwegian pilotage regulations.
  • Compulsory pilotage

    The Compulsory Pilotage Regulations stipulate which vessels are subject to compulsory pilotage and the waters where the requirement applies. The compulsory pilotage requirement can be met by either employing a pilot or by use of a Pilot Exemption Certificate.
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